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Vampire: the Masquerade

The 2004 video game or the Pen and Paper RPG, Laz'ab worked right into White Wolf's universe as, what else?

A Malkavian who'd rather be anywhere else than here, thank you very much.

White Wolf, 2019-current.


A fantastically wacky, wonderfully stylized, and brilliantly colourful world, Wildstar was taken from us too soon. Here you can find the

short-lived adventures of Asper Synthstar, Lovall Malovitch, and Maza'am Ardis.

Carbine/NCSoft2015 - 2018.


Featuring the big, blue, incorrigible flirt of Gorgos, Jaris Valdir the Asmodian.

NCSoft, 2013 - Present.