Comics / Illustrations / Character Concepts
What began as my animation major at LASALLE College of the Arts quickly took on a life of its own. Following the adventures of French pirate Louis Despatis, the story begins with his rivalry against English captain James Hunter as they pursue Sanitago de la Cruz and the Spanish armada across the Caribbean... however, most of the time I just draw them chilling behind the scenes in civilian clothes.
"Be A Grad"
Comic and Animatic
In 2013 I graduated with a BA in 2D Animation, and was awarded the prestigious McNally Award. I was required to deliver a speech, but produced an animatic about my experiences instead to distract from lack of confidence on stage. The song was a supportive gesture by Brendan Julian, Richard Johnston, and SungWon Cho reprising their roles as Louis, James, and Santiago to get me through the last stressful months of college.
The Original Animation
The (unfinished) rough animation for Honour Amongst Thieves, 2013.
Early Comics and Development
My favourite way of exploring a character's personality is by throwing them into various scenarios and seeing how they'd react.
Often, I draw comics about it.
The following were produced during pre-production and shortly after the original animation, 2012 - 2014
Character Design, Concept, and Storyboards
Original development of Honour Amongst Thieves, intended for the animated short.
Produced for graduation at LASALLE College of the Arts, 2012-2014.
Animation / Storyboards / Concept Art
Mama Nature and her brood of apocalyptic offspring were developed during my second year at LASALLE. The idea was to take a piece of music and create an animation completely unrelated to the lyrics, but the resulting characters were so well-loved I just had to incorporate them into the world of Honour Amongst Thieves.

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