Carach Angren
I stumbled across Dutch horror metal band Carach Angren only recently in the scheme of things, but their music has already provided a wealth of inspiration... if at the cost of their poor dignity. I love their songs' lilting, melodic tones and intricate storytelling, their crazy stage presence,
and of course we can't forget the corpse paint. 
Another heavy metal band... we've got a theme going here. Dethklok may be be fictional, but their music still rocks! I love the quirky characters and wish the show could have gotten the ending it deserved, with the stories developing naturally over another few seasons. At least we got
The DOOMSTAR Requiem.
Miscellaneous Film Fanart
Ricky and Morty meets Invader Zim in Enter the Florpus, and a Labyrinth piece from 2016 in memory of David Bowie.
He moved the stars for no-one.
Good Omens
Technically 'inspired by' Good Omens and featuring a demonic spin on Laz'ab, and an angelic twist on Aawari. Just two ineffable immortals.
And sometimes they meet their canon versions.
Overthrowing The King
A trilogy produced for an art jam at Ubisoft, Singapore, in 2016. The challenge: to illustrate a story from any ancient mythology, and being the Ancient Egypt nut I am, I chose the story of Osiris. His betrayal at the hands of his brother, Set, his resurrection thanks to the efforts of Anus and Isis, and the birth of Isis and Osiris'son, Horus, who avenged his death and murdered Set. I just... couldn't pick which moment to illustrate.