Belzebubs, Carach Angren, Ghost, Metalocalypse ... I'm sure the list will continue to grow as I listen to more and more bands.
Films and TV
A demonic spin on Laz'ab and an angelic twist on Aawari in the style of Good Omens, Rick and Morty meets Invader Zim, and David Bowie in one of his most iconic roles. He moved the stars for no-one.
Overthrowing The King
A trilogy produced for an art jam at Ubisoft, Singapore, in 2016. The challenge: to illustrate a story from any ancient mythology, and being the Ancient Egypt nut I am, I chose the story of Osiris. His betrayal at the hands of his brother, Set, his resurrection thanks to the efforts of Anus and Isis, and the birth of Isis and Osiris'son, Horus, who avenged his death and murdered Set. I just... couldn't pick which moment to illustrate.
Miscellaneous Gifts and Fanart
Gifts for friends, family, and other artists or personalities that don't have a place anywhere else!

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