Vampire: the Masquerade
Be it the 2004 video game or the pen and paper RPG, Laz'ab fit right into White Wolf's intricate universe as--what else?--a Malkavian who'd rather be anywhere else right now. 2019 - current.
A fantastically wacky, wonderfully eccentric, and brilliantly colourful world, Wildstar was taken from us far too soon. Here you can find the short-lived adventures of Asper Synthstar, Lovall Malovitch, and Maza'am Ardis as they fumbled their way across Nexus.
(Carbine/NCSoft) 2015- 2018
Featuring the big, blue, irresistibly incorrigible and wildly inappropriate Jaris Valdir the Asmodian.
(NCSoft) 2013 - 2019
Everquest II
The origins of Aezar the Freeblood, during the brief stint I revisited the game in 2013.
(Sony/Daybreak Game Company) 2013 - 2019
The Witcher
I absolutely adore this series, both the games and the books, and don't draw nearly as much art as I should.
(CD Projekt Red/Andrzej Sapkowski) 2015
Path of Exile
Mackenzie "Sharpeyes" Sharpe, Shadow from Path of Exile.
(Grinding Gear Games) 2015
My very first MMORPG, Ryzom was the gateway into the world of gaming and will always hold a special place in my heart. Featuring Taniqa the Tryker, my first online character, Salazar the Matis, and their adventures across Atys.
(Nevrax/Gameforge) 2007 - 2015

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