Vampire: the Masquerade
Be it the 2004 video game or the pen and paper RPG, Laz'ab fit right into White Wolf's intricate universe as--what else?--a Malkavian who'd rather be anywhere else right now. 2019 - current.
A fantastically wacky, wonderfully eccentric, and brilliantly colourful world, Wildstar was taken from us far too soon. Here you can find the short-lived adventures of Asper Synthstar, Lovall Malovitch, and Maza'am Ardis as they fumbled their way across Nexus.
(Carbine/NCSoft) 2015- 2018
Featuring the big, blue, irresistibly incorrigible and wildly inappropriate Jaris Valdir the Asmodian.
(NCSoft) 2013 - 2019
Everquest II
The origins of Aezar the Freeblood, during the brief stint I revisited the game in 2013.
(Sony/Daybreak Game Company) 2013 - 2019