Illustrations / Comics / Character Design
Of all things, Neopets has been a constant source of creativity since I was very young. It inspired an 11-year-old Sak to create worlds and characters, to draw comics and write stories, and to this day I credit it with kick-starting my urge to draw every day and make art a career.
So while bright, colourful monsters may not grace my art as much as they used to, Neopets still holds a powerful place in my heart.
A Question of Loyalty
Comic from 2013, drawn in 2011, continuing our adventures aboard Virtupets Space Station.
Published in the Neopian Times.
As You Were
In which Horace does his best to be the pet I don't deserve. Comic from 2011.
Published in the Neopian Times.
Any Job Will Do
Comic from 2011, featuring Horace and Hartifey and the origin of my gig on Virtupets   Space Station.
Published in the Neopian Times.
Miscellaneous Comics and Illustrations
A collection of older Neopets art and comics, some from as far back as 2009!

All images © RMF Studios Pte. Ltd. unless otherwise noted

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